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HOLLIS Number        009884889

Author               Instytut istoriï TSerkvy

Title                Profiles of fortitude : an oral history of the clandestine life of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, 1946-1989

Published            Lviv : Instytut istoriï TSerkvy Ukraïnskoho Katolytskoho Universytetu, 1992-

Description          v.

History notes        From 1946 to 1989 the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church (UGCC) entered, adapted to, and ultimately lived a  clandestine experience, in many respects unprecedented in religious history. Within a modern totalitarian society that made a concerted and systematic effort to control all manifestations of religious expression, the UGCC was able to preserve its structure, form two generations of ecclesiastical leaders, and maintain the implicit if not explicit allegiance of significant segments of the population. From 1946 the UGCC was not only the most numerous banned ecclesiastical community in the world, but it remained the only broadly based social institution in Ukraine to escape the control of the official Soviet establishment. In the late 1980s it emerged from the underground sufficiently vigorous to play a major role in the religious, political, and cultural arenas.


Summary              Since 1992 the Institute of Church History (ICH) has  systematically collected and critically analyzed oral testimony about Ukrainian Catholic religious life in the underground. This collection includes interviews that the ICH has conducted with a broad range of Ukrainian Catholic clergy, religious, and laity representing three generations. These biographical narratives focus on typical as well as outstanding members of the religious underground, the spiritual convictions that sustained them, and the means of preserving and transmitting Christian values in the family, community, and Ukrainian society in general.



  • Міжнародний проект “Пам’ять націй” (Прага, Чехія) logo_memoryofnations

оприлюднено 8 життєвих історій свідків (українською та англійською мовами) на основі аудіо-інтерв’ю та фотоматеріалів з Архіву ІІЦ.


Перелік свідків:

  1. єпископ Павло Василик (1926-2004)
  2. сестра Маркія (Марія) Башинська, Згромадження Сестер Служебниць НДМ (1917-)
  3. о. Методій Костюк, студит (1953-2008) – про о. Германа (Григорія) Будзінського, студита
  4. о. Володимир Маргітич (1931)
  5. о. Богдан Сенета (1913-2004)
  6. о. Микола Царик (1921-1998)
  7. о. Ярослав Тихий (1913-1996)
  8. добродійка Марія Микитка (1921-2012)